Songs to Learn & Sing—the title of this section—is also the title of an album released by Echo and The Bunnymen in 1985. This entire site is riddled with nods to music you might know. Check out all of the songs/albums referenced below and listen to them on my PLAY IT LIKE A PHOTOGRAPH playlist on Spotify.

THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (Song by Marilyn Manson)

  • CAITLIN: The River (Song by Bruce Springsteen)
  • DAGNY: Down in the Park (Song by Gary Numan)
  • ERIK, ELMAR, MATT & CHRIS: Blood Brothers (Song by Iron Maiden)
  • ISABELLE 1: Sister Golden Hair (Song by America)
  • ISABELLE 2: What the Water Gave Me (Song by Florence + The Machine)
  • KAT: East of the Sun (Song by Diana Krall)

MUSIC FOR THE MASSES (Album by Depeche Mode)

  • BLOODHYPE: Let It Bleed (Song by the Rolling Stones)
  • COMBICHRIST: Electrohead(s) (Reference to their own song 'Electrohead')
  • LAMB OF GOD: Who's the Black Sheep, What's the Black Sheep (Lyrics to 'The Choice is Yours' by Black Sheep)
  • NEW YEARS DAY: A Year and a Day (Partial song title to 'B-Boy Bouillabaisse: A Year and a Day' by the Beastie Boys)
  • NIGHT CLUB: We Learn Dances, Brand New Dances (Lyrics to 'Nightclubbing' by Iggy Pop)
  • NITA STRAUSS 1: Rock You Like a Hurricane (Song by Scorpions)
  • NITA STRAUSS 2: Today's Lesson (Song by AFI)
  • THE PINK SLIPS: Under the Pink (Album by Tori Amos)
  • ROBIN SCHULZ: Music for Airports (Partial title of the 'Ambient 1 | Music for Airports' album by Brian Eno)

TAKIN' CARE OF BUSINESS (Song by Bachman Turner Overdrive)

  • BY FIRE TEES: Double Trouble (Song by Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  • ERIN KELLY PR: L.A. Looks (Song by Health)
  • GRIT 'N' GLORY: I Read the News Today, Oh Boy (Lyrics to 'A Day in the Life' by the Beatles)
  • HLAY RESTAURANT: How It All Started in the Kitchen (Lyrics to 'Kitchen' by The Lemonheads)
  • IDOLESS MERCH: Vital Idol (Album by Billy Idol)

TRUE COLORS (Song by Cyndi Lauper)

  • ISABELLE: 'Cause You Were All Yellow (Lyrics to 'Yellow' by Coldplay)
  • THE PINK SLIPS: Pink Turns to Blue (Song by Hüsker Dü)

YOU ARE A CINEMA (Lyrics to 'Cinema' by Benny Benassi)

SONGS TO LEARN & SING (Album by Echo & the Bunnymen)

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