TERRENCE MATLIN IS A PHOTOGRAPHER BASED IN NEW YORK. Growing up in New Jersey his bedroom walls were lined with as many images of rock n' roll heroes as they were with torn magazine pages shot by Herb Ritts, Ellen Von Unwerth and Peter Lindbergh.

Ever inspired by music, film, and fashion—along with a deep appreciation for editorial—Terrence is now snapping pictures of his own. Whether it's capturing moments behind-the-scenes or taking simple portraits his interest always lies in telling the greater story.

Beyond photography his background is in advertising where years of New York agency experience in designer and art director roles have helped inform his vision. He still takes on a variety of non-photographic work in advertising, especially keen to clients in music and hospitality.

Visit his art direction and design portfolio here.

When not creating visual work Terrence heads to the sonic. As a cowriter for two German bands it would not be unlikely to find him at a recording studio in Berlin at any random moment—probably with his camera not far out of reach.

(Since many have asked: yes, you can call him Terry. Lots of people do.)

Photograph by Julie Qiu


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